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Quarry Brow has a well equipped kitchen where the daily meals and snacks are prepared and cooked for the children by our in house cook (see our meals section below). We also have a staff and visitors area located in the outdoor summerhouse, this area is used by parents to have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat and discuss their child’s needs with the staff, before leaving them at the nursery, and where staff can rest away from the rooms for their lunch break.

The nursery has two childrens toilet areas and nappy changing facilities, with staff and visitors having access to a seperate disabled access toilet.  We also have a small laundry room catering for day to day laundry needs.

Nursery in Barrow

We do have use of the vast school grounds and have implemented this into our planning so we all spend time outside. The classroom doors open directly on to the outdoor play area to give access in the summer months for the children. It is important to all children to have fresh air and exercise, riding around on the bikes, or digging in the soil. We will try to spend time outside weather permitting, but we do have wellies and waterproof clothing and will explore in the most weathers. All outdoor play is fully supervised by staff at all times.

Nursery in Barrow

Children attending full time have all meals provided at nursery. Meals can be made to suit individual needs, and special diets will be catered for asbest we can, if your child is a very fussy eater you are more than welcome to provide a packed lunch for them. A typical day is:

Breakfast –7.30am – 8.30am – A choice of cereal, toast and a cup of milk or fruit juice, in the winter months we offer porridge and hot chocolate too.

Snacks - 9.30am - They can choose from a selection of croissants, toast or crumpets and a cup of milk or fruit juice.

Lunch – 12.00noon – 1.00pm – This is a two course meal with a cup of water.

Snacks -2.30pm - They can choose from a selection of fruit and a cup of milk or fruit juice.

Examples of lunch meals include:

Home-made Shepherd’s Pie
Pasta Bake
Roast Dinner
Sausage, Chips and Peas

Jelly and ice cream

Nursery in Barrow

We ask parents of younger children to bring a change bag with nappies, wipes and a change of clothing. Medicinal creams can be brought for eczema etc.

You may wish if your child attends for more than one session to bring a supply of nappies and change accessories, we will inform you when we require more.
When your child is ready to toilet train we are more than happy to work together with you to ensure the child is not confused and that the routine stays as similar to home as possible.

All children need a change of clothing, as we may have accidents with drink spills and paint pots and we would rather send the children home clean.
Also can parents please label clothing especially coats, we may have other children with the same item as this, and so labelled clothing will assist in avoiding mix ups.

Nursery in Barrow

If your child needs any medication long term, ie inhalers, ointments, you may be asked to complete a Health care plan. This is so staff are fully aware of your childs needs and requirements. We fully support any child's additional needs or disability and will put what is required in place to assist and support the childs learning. The manager has much experience in this field and has good strong links with many external agencies.

Nursery in Barrow

We have a pin coded security door, so unauthorized access cannot be gained. We also request to be introduced to people who will be responsible for collecting your child. If a person arrives that we do not know, we will turn them away without your authorization. This is a policy set by the nursery and is for the safety and protection of your child.