Quarry Brow Day Nursery

Nursery in Barrow

The pre-school room has a lot of natural light and many displays of children’s work decorate the walls. The room is divided into areas; there is a home area, reading and quiet corner, tables for all types of table-top activities, i.e. puzzles, games and construction etc.  We also have activities such as painting, gluing, and baking and a sand tray and water play trough.

Children are offered a variety of activities and assist in choosing things themselves to play with. They are encouraged to select boxes and also to tidy away when finished. Through observation, planning and assessment children’s interests and needs are considered and staff work to make learning enjoyable and fun. We understand all children develop at a different pace so when offering learning experiences we adapt them to suit the individual child. Planning is in place to record and evaluate activities to assist with future planning.

The children are involved in many trips which will help them to understand the local and wider environment in which we live, we have had trips to the woods at Furness Abbey, a Superstore to shop, the Beach to explore and the Library.

We offer the free funded hours of 15 or 30 if eligable,some children attend just for their free funded 15 or 30 hours, others are here for more. Sessions are offered as flexibly as possible to suit your needs. Pre school children are required to wear a uniform in preparation for moving onto school.The children also have book bags and will bring work sheets home to complete, again assisting with readiness for school.

We fully support the childrens transition to school from nursery and have good links with many local schools. So when the time comes we will visit the school to share information and support your child. This helps with settling your child into their new setting. We also take photographs of the reception classes and the teaching staff to use as discussion time with the children.