Quarry Brow Day Nursery

Nursery in Barrow

Quarry Brow employ one staff member who has gained the Early Years Professional degree this is the Nursery Manager others who have level three qualifications and experience in other settings. Our staff also have training in; First Aid, Food Hygiene, Child Protection, Speech and Language and many other basic training relevant for the work they do in nursery. We have also completed phase 1 Makaton signing, which is very useful for children with communicational problems. We are committed to keeping ourselves as up-to-date as possible with childcare legislation and attend different courses throughout the year.

Being professional childcare workers we understand the need to gain experience from nursery settings, therefore we offer training placements to students who are training in childcare on a modern apprenticeship scheme. All students have a full induction and relevant checks to the same standards as key workers.

We also offer placements to students from the local college and local schools for work experience.

Nursery in Barrow

Mrs Lynda Haines, Nursery Business Manager. Lynda works together with Nicola to ensure the quality and care is continuous, while taking care of the bussiness management side of the nursery. She now works more in the background completing bookkeeping, finance and employment law reglution paperwork keeping things up to date, and staff aware of legislation changes and requirements.

Miss Nicola Haines, Childcare Manager. Nicola has been employed at Quarry Brow since March 2006, she supervises the general day to day running of the nursery in all ares, and is the named communication champion supporting children with speech development, she also supports inclusion of children with additional needs, and is the named Child protection officer (CPO). Nicola also has the Early Years Professional degree qualification. She liases daily with the buisiness manager, mentors and observes staff on a daily basis, and is always avaialble for staff and parents offering support however she can.

Miss Jamie Berry , Deputy Manager. Jamie has trained at Quarry Brow since August 2012, she supervised the babies for several years,and is level three qualified in childcare. Jamie has now taken on more of a management role suporting the nursery manager on a daily basis, and is currently being mentored by Nicola in all area of the settings management.

Miss Sian Burns Key Worker. Sian completed her training at Quarry Brow and is qualified level 3 in childcare. She is now one of the key workers, and works with the pre-school children supporting their education, and transitions to school.

Miss Abigail Richards and Miss Aisha North , are both Key workers . Abigail supervises the Baby room suporting the care on a daily basis,she has recently qualified in childcare and is being mentored by Jamie. Aisha trained at Quarry Brow and returned as the Keey worker for the two year group, ensuring their needs are met, and they are having fun also supporting her team of staff.

Other Staff Some have trained at the setting and are now employed as classroom assistants, working to support the key staff within the daily classroom routine, working together to meet the childrens needs. Students are also employed, completing either level 2,level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in childcare at the setting, they are involved in all aspects of childcare on a dialy basis and receive training from management and key workers, as well as discussions with their training assessor.

Behind the scenes we also have two very valued members of the staff team, a dedicated cook who prepares all the nursery meals and snacks daily for the children, aswell as clearing the rooms and doing the daily laundry, and our end of day cleaner who has the task of ensuring the nursery is clean and fresh each morning for us to start the day.