Quarry Brow Day Nursery

Nursery in Barrow

When children need the next step up, they move into the two year group. This room has a set aside messy area, with paint, sand and water play, a large carpet area for floor play and one large round table for activities. There is a snug cushion corner for relaxing and chilling and the home corner for pretend play.

The children spend much time moving from one area to another, freely playing. Staff offer small group play where 2-4 children may sit with the adult and do activities, promoting and developing language skills. The children are continuously observed and play is focused around what their interests are. It is important at this age to begin to understand sharing, turntaking; but to have fun and be happy.

If eligible, children can attend at two years for their free funded 15 hours or whatever session you require for your needs. This room has open plan access to the pre-school room, so the children are familiar with the room before they move up for education.

If children are moving to another setting for their education we do visit to share information and support the childs transition.