Quarry Brow Day Nursery

Nursery in Barrow

Quarry Brow has a wonderful naturally lit room, which has several displays on the walls of children's work and photographs. The room has a soft play section with a ball pool, which is good for the children to enable them to climb, balance and explore safely.

The children are able to play at tables where they can enjoy painting, baking, sand play and puzzles.

There is plenty of room around the floor for exploring the environment and having fun with many of the activity toys and equipment available. It is important children of a young age learn to develop socially as some may not be familiar with other children, we encourage them to learn to share and take turns.

The babies are in the nursery for care and to help them develop, the care they receive is to suit their individual needs, some children are more affectionate than others, and need a cuddle to get them to sleep, if that’s the case that’s what we will do. Some prefer to watch others and join in when they feel ready, again if that makes the child happy and settled that’s how we will allow them to be, and only encourage them when they are ready to join others.

To one side of the room is a sleep area which holds six cots, it is an open area which is calm and quiet allowing children to rest and sleep. Staff monitor the room regularly when children are sleeping. We also have small relax chairs for the very young babies to rest in.

Children remain in the baby and toddler room not by the age; but by their individual needs. For instance a child may be two years old; but may still need more of a nurturing caring environment and might not be quite ready to move up. This is all discussed with you; your child will not be pushed in anyway.